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OC clothes meme: Saphir by impact358 OC clothes meme: Saphir :iconimpact358:impact358 1 0 celebrating for the new year by impact358 celebrating for the new year :iconimpact358:impact358 3 3 holiday valentering by impact358 holiday valentering :iconimpact358:impact358 6 1
Saphir story: chapter 6
Chapter 6: a journey begins
Saphir had just put away her sword with a sigh. She had just finished with her training session with Lana, her skills had really improved ever since she took her friend's advice on learning to use a sword, and she was glad that she did. Once the princess was done putting all of her equipment away into the chest in her room. Saphir almost jumped when she heard someone knocking on her door. Shortly after the knock the door opens revealing that it was Lana.
"Grate work out there today, Princess." complemented Lana. "You've really gotten better with my teachings. Just a little more practice and you'll become a pro in no time."
"Thanks Lana." replied Saphir, the Princess then curtsies to her guard friend with gratitude. "Have you heard any word from my parents yet?"
"Yes apparently, according to the messenger they sent; it appears that the meeting up in Sir Rubis's kingdom, they're not gonna be back until next week. Last I've heard they've got the treaty between
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Saphir story: chapter 5
Chapter 5: Long live the Queen
Samaragd was going through the pages of a few books on Ignis' s history in hope that they might find out the lich's name in order to save Queen Falmaia from its control. While outside on the balcony, Dusk was play a song on his ocarina. The music from the song he was playing seemed to be able to help everyone in the room relax while Samaragd and Bìyù were hard at work.
"Any luck in finding anything?" asked Bìyù.
"Unfortunately, no." replied Samaragd, the sound of disappointment was clear in her voice. "I've been looking through all of these books on Ignis history, three times, and I've yet to find one shred of information that could be useful. These books go as far back to when this kingdom was just built, so it shouldn't be possible to not find any vital into. That shouldn't be possible not find anything useful. I mean if we can find something, anything that might give us a hint on something that might help."
After hearing Samaragd st
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Saphir casual outfit 2 by impact358 Saphir casual outfit 2 :iconimpact358:impact358 3 3 a pleasure to meet you by impact358 a pleasure to meet you :iconimpact358:impact358 1 4
Saphir story: chapter 4
Chapter 4: The test
High up in the Kingdom's mountain, three men were giving it their all to guide their Prince to the summit of Mount Cinder where the coming of age trials are being held by the kingdom's guardians; the angles of battle. Though it is rare in these trials for one to face them in combat. it is mostly known in these trials that only those that have been deemed worthy enough can face him, as for those that aren't worthy of this honor yet; they are set to fight for their honor against the angel's subordinates, the Angels of Valor. As the sun was setting in the sky the group had decided to make camp for the night where they were on the mountain. During the night the kingdom's Prince, Rubis, was having some difficulty sleeping. Thinking about what’s ahead for him he left his tent and sat down gazing at the stars. Each of them shined brightly like small diamonds, which got him thinking about his friend. Thinking of his friend; the prince got out a piece of parchment and
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Saphir story: chapter 3
Chapter 3: Samaragd
It was about sunset as the head librarian started rings the bell signaling to anyone still inside the library that it was closing time as she started collecting the books that some people have left on the tables they were working on. Or that someone just thought it was funny that they did that on purpose, just so they can watch the ones that didn't get blamed for it, but only seem to get caught later if not for their food evidence. If there was one thing worse than her hatred of books being left out, if would be the breaking of the no food in the library rule because those that do get severely punished for braking that rule. The head librarian started her work from the far end of the building where she couldn't see anything going on from the front desk. The whole area look clear until the last remains of a BLT sandwich was spotted on one of the tables through the corner of her eye. Grabbing the sandwich she bolted to the door seal button and pressed it. The alarm st
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OC halloween: Saphir by impact358 OC halloween: Saphir :iconimpact358:impact358 4 3 gift drawing: taffeta by impact358 gift drawing: taffeta :iconimpact358:impact358 2 1 late night training by impact358 late night training :iconimpact358:impact358 2 7 borrowing from a friend... by impact358 borrowing from a friend... :iconimpact358:impact358 4 0 nervous about the gala by impact358 nervous about the gala :iconimpact358:impact358 2 23 out for a stroll by impact358 out for a stroll :iconimpact358:impact358 3 9
Spahir story - chapter 2
Chapter 2: Ignis
The door of the royal carriage is opened as the king and queen stepped out. They were both greeted by the Ignis guards with a salute.
“King Richard, Queen Sonja.” Greeted one of the guards. “On behalf of the royal family of Ignis, I humbly welcome you both to our kingdom.”
“Thank you.” Replied the Queen, “But I thought we were to be greeted by Prince Rubis.”
“Our apologies for if it was Prince Rubis who was supposed to greet you upon arrival, but he had been caught up on his come of age task, if you’ll understand, he’ll be with us again once his task is done. The Queen has also awaited your arrival, we shall take your things there as you meet with her at the castle.”
“Ah yes. Thank you, sir…”
“Zack.” The knight replied. “Second in command of the royal guards, Zack. At your service sir and madem.”
“Second in command?” asked King Richard.
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The Strong Princess by humon The Strong Princess :iconhumon:humon 13,858 2,853 Princess Marco EAH part 2 by SilverPhoenix2006 Princess Marco EAH part 2 :iconsilverphoenix2006:SilverPhoenix2006 7 9 Princess Marco by CuppieGoku Princess Marco :iconcuppiegoku:CuppieGoku 20 18 Scourge by DredgeTH Scourge :icondredgeth:DredgeTH 337 56 Scourge the Hedgehog by ToaAntan Scourge the Hedgehog :icontoaantan:ToaAntan 150 48 Mega Man Archie - QuakeWoman by Pixelated-Dude Mega Man Archie - QuakeWoman :iconpixelated-dude:Pixelated-Dude 121 6 Quake Woman doodle by RyanJampole Quake Woman doodle :iconryanjampole:RyanJampole 144 11 Sonic Universe 31 Cover by herms85 Sonic Universe 31 Cover :iconherms85:herms85 670 66 Protoman by RyanJampole Protoman :iconryanjampole:RyanJampole 138 14 Mega Mania! by PuddingPlushiePalace Mega Mania! :iconpuddingplushiepalace:PuddingPlushiePalace 270 35 Lady of the lake by japanindisguise Lady of the lake :iconjapanindisguise:japanindisguise 172 17 chibi nohr by yusakufujuki chibi nohr :iconyusakufujuki:yusakufujuki 112 10 Corrin Growing Up Comic by Amphany Corrin Growing Up Comic :iconamphany:Amphany 70 6 Oracle of Seasons by MGabric Oracle of Seasons :iconmgabric:MGabric 459 13 Oracle of Ages by MGabric Oracle of Ages :iconmgabric:MGabric 532 24 Courage and  Power by Steelpengu Courage and Power :iconsteelpengu:Steelpengu 138 13


OC clothes meme: Saphir

Ok I pretty much have been bored and wanted to draw something for the past few weeks. So a little while ago I see this blank OC clothes meme and it looked interesting so I thought that I’d give it a try.

I mean why not right? And upon doing it, this meme was a lot of fun to do, as it gave me ideas for some new outfits for my OC, Princess Saphir, not counting the parts that are saying “your clothes” and another OC’s clothes, and I would tag one of friends this challenge… that is if they’re interested.


Normal- Alright so right off the bat Saphir starts off with her normal blue gown and silver tiara. Making her look elegant and knows what she’s doing to run her kingdom.

Formal-  Ok there are some girls that would enjoy being a bride, and Saphir is… almost no different. She looks so cute as she is in wait for the lucky knight that marries her.


Pajamas-  ….Yeah  I got nothing, this is just a simple nightgown for her to wear when its time for bed. no more, no less… Moving onward!

Swim-  On occasion Saphir loves to go swimming on hot days in her home, and since its water based, she is well prepared as she wears a cool blue bikini with a dark blue sash tied around her waist.
            What? You thought I was just gonna make her eye candy in this look? Hmp… you perverts.

Winter-  winter can very hard when almost everything in your kingdom works by water and is frozen from the cold. But while she is wearing this nice blue jacket, snow pants and boots Saphir is more than willing to 
              help her subjects get by in the bitter cold of winter however she can.

Summer-  ok so I couldn’t think of much for this one so I based this outfit on what buttercup ware that one time in ppz (…) this as far as I know the
                only one I mimicked.

Other OC's-  I had a bit of difficulty trying to think of which of another person’s OC to base this next outfit on, since I don’t talk to too many people on here, but after enough time to think I finally decided to base this
                     next outfit on :iconicyreflections:’s character Taffeta. Ok I know that Taffeta doesn’t really wear much, but for this meme I’m basing her clothes from a custom made funko pop figure that            
                     :iconicyreflections: made on her. (sadly, you won’t find any images of it in her gallery.)

My clothes- and finally we come to the last outfit, my clothes. For this set she wears a red shirt like Steven universe with a navy-blue girls hoody over it, boys jeans and black sneakers as well as a ribbon to keep her 
                   hair out of the way.



And that just about dose it for this Meme using my OC. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you have a nice day. If interested in this meme I’ll leave a link to a blank version to it I here.




This meme was made by :ioconsharkcastic:

Taffeta (mentioned) belongs to :iconicyreflections:

Princess Saphir was created by me

celebrating for the new year
Well... It's new years eve. and, almost, everyone is celebrating for the new year that is about to come. And Saphir like she is about to enjoy herself at the new year's celebration in her kingdom's town plaza.

The dress she is wearing was one that her bodyguard,  Lana, had picked out for her on this occasion, and from the joyous expression on the Princess's face, I have a feeling that she and her friends are in for a great time.  

Spahir is made by me.
holiday valentering
With Christmas being a week from today I thought I might do this year's holiday drawing.  This year I chose to have Saphir valenter into helping :iconicyreflecions:'s whinnie in handing out gifts to the children.   Saphir loves to help out whenever she can, especially when it's the holidays. And then once the work done she'll make some hot chocolate for their hard work.  

So with that happy holidays. I really could've done better with whinnie's whiskers, other than that I think she came out ok.  


Saphir is made by me.  

Whinnie belongs to :iconicyreflections:
Chapter 6: a journey begins

Saphir had just put away her sword with a sigh. She had just finished with her training session with Lana, her skills had really improved ever since she took her friend's advice on learning to use a sword, and she was glad that she did. Once the princess was done putting all of her equipment away into the chest in her room. Saphir almost jumped when she heard someone knocking on her door. Shortly after the knock the door opens revealing that it was Lana.

"Grate work out there today, Princess." complemented Lana. "You've really gotten better with my teachings. Just a little more practice and you'll become a pro in no time."

"Thanks Lana." replied Saphir, the Princess then curtsies to her guard friend with gratitude. "Have you heard any word from my parents yet?"

"Yes apparently, according to the messenger they sent; it appears that the meeting up in Sir Rubis's kingdom, they're not gonna be back until next week. Last I've heard they've got the treaty between our two kingdoms renewed. If they pull it off... Then you might have Sir Rubis as your next teacher on the sword."

"Maybe... But only if you're there to teach me as well."

"Oh? Ok then Princess I'll make you a deal; if you keep on practicing on your sword techniques and then pass the final test I give you, I will personally write a letter, asking the King and Queen of your request, is that a deal your highness?"

Saphir sat down on the bed, giving herself, a serious thought about Lana's proposition. The Princess sat there in thought for a few moments before she finally gave her answer.

"Lana... You've got a deal, but might I add one request?"

"Yes, of course."

"If my parents somehow allow me to leave this castle, and allow you to come with me, can you please drop the formalities and call me by my name?"

"Oh?" replied Lana, puzzled by the Princess' request. "But I was trained to devote my services to the royal family, including to you princess. To just simply address you by just your name and not by your title it just doesn't sound right, it can't be done. However, if you feel that strongly about it... Then I guess I'll see what I can do, alright?"

Saphir nodded her head in agreement, making Lana feel a little more at ease with their discussion. Lana bows to her as she tells Saphir good night before leaving the room. Laying there excited about what just happened. Saphir wasn't sure if was gonna be able to get any sleep tonight. She laid there in bed starring at the ceiling, while thinking about her parents, as well as her childhood friend Rubis.

"Having Rubis as my next sword teacher. That might be interesting," the Princess thought to herself.

"I wonder how he's doing. I mean... I haven't seen him since we were ten years old. I wonder if he would recognize me after ten years."


Lana was wondering the hallways as she was heading back to her room. The moonlight was shining brightly through the windows as she walked, making her feel at ease while walked the quite halls. She about halfway through the east wing of the castle when she felt a sudden sharp feeling run through her.

"W... What was that?" she asked herself, "That was odd. I haven't felt anything like that since... No! it can't be!" Filled with panic the guard ran as fast as she could back to her bedroom chamber and quickly got out the crystal ball she had stashed away in the chest at the foot of her bed. One she got it out she said the incantation and into the crystal ball, she could not believe what she was seeing.

"What? What on earth is going on!? What's gotten into Queen Flamia, this is not like her. Something must be wrong, Queen Flamia would never betray the treaty, nor turn on those that use magic." She said to herself in disbelief as she soon grew worried about the King and Queen as she thought about Saphir.

"I must notify Princess Saphir at once." she said before placing her spell book into her back as she left her room to warn the Princess of what she had seen. Filled with worry for the royal family, Lana ran as fast as she could through the castle halls trying her best not to think about what the future will have in store for them. The bells of the clock tower began to chime as was running through the West wing of the castle. The time was seen clear as day in the west wing of the castle, and the bells of the tower only rung at this this hour.

12:00, midnight.

She didn't usually wake the Princess with any news at this hour, but in this case, it was an emergency and she had to inform her immediately. She was not far from Saphir's room now, but as she was almost there when she saw one of the castle maids coming from around the corner making Lana skid to a halt as the maid flinched that she was gonna bump into her.

"Maria?" Lana asked in confusion, "What are you still doing up? It’s already passed midnight."

"Apologies Miss Lana," replied Maria. "I know that I should be used to walking around in this castle by now, but this place is like a maze to me; take one wrong turn and you've already got yourself lost in these halls."

"I understand that Maria, just give it some time, after a few weeks of working here and you'll know your way around in no time."

"Thank you, Miss Lana. If I may ask what are you doing up at this hour?"

"I have to talk to the Princess, I have foreseen some urgent news about the Kingdom of Ignis that she'll want to hear about immediately."

"Oh then by all means miss, you best get going, I'm sorry to delay you."

"It's no problem, you best get yourself to your dormitory too, it's late and you'll need some rest."

"will do miss. Hope everything is alright."

"You and me both..." Lana said as she continued to head for Princess Saphir's room. Worrying about what Saphir will say once she tells her what she had seen on her crystal ball. It took her a few minutes, but she eventually got to the door to the Princess's room. Lana took a deep breath to calm herself before knocking on the door.

"I'm sorry to disturb you at this hour, your highness. But I have urgent news about the events in Ignis that you should know about." she explained as she waited for Saphir's reply. She waited a few minutes before the door finally opens.

"What is the news you have on Ignis? Are my parents alright? Did something happen to them?" the Princess asked a bit of fear could be heard in her voice as she tried her best to hide her fear in vain.

"Calm down, princess. They're alright... For the moment. But I fear it is the kingdom's Queen that might be in danger. For she is not acting like the kindhearted person we once knew, and is waging war against all of those that are magic users." Lana said as she hung her head in shame. "I'm afraid I've put us both in grate danger by teaching you magic, your highness." she said before Saphir placed a hand on her knight's shoulder.

"It's not your fault, Lana." the Princess said giving her a gentle smile, “You did not know that something like this was going to happen. And I'm glad that you taught me magic, I wanted to learn magic so that I help those dear to me, and you are one of those people that are dear to me."

"So what do you plan on doing, princess?"

"first off, I'm gonna finish learning white magic. Then once that's done, we're going to Ignis and help my parents, along with those other magic users that are in trouble down there."

"Very good mistress, but there is one little problem. What about this kingdom? Who will take care of things here while you're gone?" Lana asked in thought. While Saphir sighed in an upset tone that she forgot for a moment that she had royal duties to take care of while her parents were away.

"Oh right... I almost forgot about that, times like these I wish I had a sibling to fill in for me while I'm gone." they both sat down in thought as they tried to think of something. They sat there for a few minutes until they heard someone knocking in the doorway.

"Paraphs I could be of assistance Princess..." announced a maid as she stepped into the room. She was young girl in her early teens with chestnut brown hair. And dressed in a light blue maid's uniform instead of the normal black uniform. "If its ok, your highness, I could fill in for you while you are away. I mean I might be few inches shorter than you, but I'm pretty much the same height if I'm wearing high heels."

"Is that so?" Questioned Lana, "If you don't mind me asking Miss maid, but what is your name?"

"my name is Spinelle."

"If you don't mind me asking Spinelle, but guessing by your voice, are you by chance french?"

"oui, that is correct madam. Why do you ask?"

"Well for starters you may look similar to the Princess, but the only difference between the two of you is that you are a few inches shorter than her, plus you have a French accent while Saphir does not and lastly... you don't have the same eye color as Saphir."

"You can use a spell that'll make me look like her."

That's true, she could use a spell that can make her look like Saphir, but was reluctant to do so. Differences aside she would look like the Princess, but only her voice would still sound the same. She then sees Saphir walk over to Spinelle as she puts on her robe. The Princess looks her over in thought for a moment before giving her answer.

"You know... This could probably work." she said as she guided Spinelle over to her wardrobe and picked out one of her dresses.
"first off, let's see how this looks on you. Lana can you help out with this?" she requested as she began to help the maid change from her uniform to one of her gowns. It took about thirty minutes to get her all dressed up. Spinelle blushed at the feeling of being in one of the Princess's gowns as the Princess herself helped her try it on. Shortly after She got dressed, Saphir stood next to her after getting dressed as well. The Princess was simply speechless, wearing the same gown, they both looked exactly the same.

"Impressive..." Lana said in amazement, "Aside from your accent and your eyes Spinelle, I can hardly tell the difference between the two of you. This might work for while the Princess is away. But what about the chancellor? You know he's not going to let this slide so easily once he finds out about this."

The moment they heard Lana bring up the thought about the chancellor the smile soon melted off their faces. For Lana was right, the chancellor was gonna be a big problem.

"Oh yeah... I almost forgot about him." replied Spinelle in disappointment, "Any ideas on what to do about it, Lana?"

Lana noded sadly.  "l'm afraid my answer's no... At some point he will find out, so our only option is to tell him everything we know."

"I was afraid you were going to say that." sighed Saphir, "But if it's the only choice we have, then we have no choice, we have to talk with the chancellor about this. But he's not going to like having to be disturbed at this late hour. So how are you going to break it to him?"

"We'll worry about that when we go see Chancellor Karsh. But in the meantime, Spinelle I think you better change back into your uniform."

Spinelle blushed to being reminded that she was still wearing one of Saphir's dresses. With their help she was able to quickly change back into her uniform before helping the Princess get ready to go see the Chancellor. The Princess was feeling nervous that it made her feel sick to her stomach having to pay him a visit at 1:30 in the morning. As soon as Saphir was ready both she and Lana began to head for Chancellor Karsh's room. The two of them have been up and down these castle halls so many times they knew their way around the castle like the back of their hands. It took them about fifteen minutes for them to finally make it there. As Lana knocked on the door there was no answer. The knight knocked again this time hearing a faint memering that sounded like "Alright, alright I'm coming." as they waited for him to open the door. There was the sound of him unlocking his door before it finally opened.

"Do you have any idea what time it is!?" Karsh said, still half asleep. "This better be important."

"Apologies for waking you at this time, Karsh. But I'm afraid something urgent has come up that we had to wake you for this"

"Oh, for the love of the water crystal's blessings Lana, what could be so urgent that you and the Princess had to wake me up at 2:00 in the morning?"

"It's about my parents, Karsh." explained Saphir, "Lana thinks that in her vision that something has gone very wrong down in Ignis."

That woke him up completely out of shock. He then gestures to the two of them to come into his room. As he lit the candle on his bedside table.

"Now then... What happened in your vision about them, Lana. And don't hesitate to tell every detail of the events that unfolded." he said as he pulled up as chair to sit on as he Listened to Them explain everything that happened. With everything they told him, Karsh sat there in thought, as he listened to everything they had told him. He then sat there pondering the situation at hand as Saphir stood up to ask him.

"Chancellor Karsh, I know that you won't like hearing me ask you this but... I want to go Ignis and help them. My parents are in danger if we don't do something about this immediately."

Chancellor Karsh sighed as he listened to the Princess's request.

"It’s just like you to be the first to help anyone in need, isn't it Saphir? But if you're gone, who will take care of your royal duties for you while you go out and play hero?"

"Well chancellor... We were thinking that maybe you would. Just until I get my parents back here, alive and well. Lana will be with me, so you know that all three of us are safe on this task."

"Oh Princess Saphir... It is a fool's errand, trying to help your parents in a Kingdom that has just broke our treaty? They have basically just started an act of war when they arrested them, your highness. If you go and help them it'll only make things much worse-"

"So are you saying I should just sit here and watch them die instead of going to help them!?"

"You know full well that is not what I meant Sapir, but please listen to me, there is no way to help them without using making things worse for Oceanum. And as for that girl you mentioned them being with, Samaragd, if she is with them then they are in good hands."

"How do you know that?" asked Lana.

"Because Samaragd is a good old friend of mine, and a very talented scorcoress to boot. She is more than capable of keeping your parents out of harm's way. But if you feel that you're absolutely sure about going Ignis to help them the I strongly recommend this, I will let you go help them, but Lana is to go with you as a bodyguard. Does that sound fair enough?"

Saphir pondered at the idea for a moment before she finally nodded.

"I can work with that. I wouldn't have it any other way, I would've had Lana come with me anyway."

"Very good. Now then you best get yourself ready, you have a long trip ahead of you. I pray for your safe return Saphir, This kingdom will need their princess in this hour of need while the King and Queen are gone, just come back to this kingdom safe ya hear!"

"Thank you, Karsh." replied Saphir, hugging him before she left the room. She was very excited to finally be able to leave the castle for her adventure. As soon as Saphir and Lana had left the room as Karsh walks over to the rosary he had hanging by his bed. He then took it off the hook and began to pray.

Oh great god Avandra. Please bless this kingdom's Princess and her companion with your protection on thier travel into the unknown. And my they have the blessing of the water crystal for a quick and safe return from thier journey. Amen.

Once he was done with his prayer, he then quietly wished good luck to the Princess before going back to sleep.

"Are you sure you're ready for this, Saphir?" Asked Lana, as she gathered some last-minute supplies for their journey the next morning. "This trip could be dangerous, and it is a long way to get to Ignis. Are you sure you want to go through with this?"

"I am. I not gonna just sit here, while my parents are in danger. We have to get over there and help them. You're with me on this, right Lana?"

"To the very end, Saphir." Lana replied confidently. They then got on their horses and started out as the gate was opened by her command. Once they were out the two of them then gave their horses a small kick to speed up, for as of now after passing the towns of the Kingdom, Saphir's adventure had just begun.
Saphir story: chapter 6
Chapter six is here.

Checking back with the events in Oceanum, Saphir is doing well with Lana's training until one night Lana gets a premonition on what is happening in Ignus. what will Saphir do once she learns what happens?

all characters in this story are made by me.


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