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kingdom hearts: the forgotten world part 6
"What happened?" Asked Goofy.
"on his time off durning the keyblade war he tought a few kids magic on his home world, while teaching his son magic... Who i thought should've been his only student." Yen Sid said as he lets out a sad sigh on his friend, "one fatal night he was attacked by his former students of magic. There was nothing that could be done to save him, all I cloud do him, I used my magic to create a crystal chamber to save his soul. He may not be around in body anymore... However his spirit lives on. To this day the only thing left of Kluya, that's still alive, is his sole." and with a swing of his hand the door opened allowing the three of them entry to the crystal chamber, along with Kluya standing there, waving them in with a welcome grin, at the end of the hall.
"Hello Yen Sid, a pleasure seeing you again, my old friend." greeted Kluya. "it's been a long time since I last saw you." the lunarian said as he notice Donald and Goofy catching up from behind. "and I take it
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kingdom hearts: the forgotten world part 5
With the barrier keeping them out gone. Mickey and Gus rushed themselves over to their friend.
“Oswald are you ok?” Gus ask as soon as he caught him and slowly lie him on the ground.
“Step back Gus, I got this.” Mickey said summoning his keyblade in his right hand. The mouse raised it up right over the rabbit as he shouts out. “Heal!”
A bright flash of light shined over Oswald for a brief moment. Shortly after the light dimmed, Oswald sat back up. He blinked for a bit, confused to see Mickey in Wasteland again.
“Uh, thanks Mickey, I owe you one…again.” He said with a disappointed sigh. “But how did you heal me? When I said the same thing while fighting that thing, it didn’t work for me, what did I do wrong?”
Mickey didn’t answer. His gaze was fixed on Oswald’s keyblade after the rabbit had shown his blade.
“Oswald…” spoke Mickey, his voice uneasy. “When…no how did you come
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head in the clouds...
ever had one of those days where you can just stare up at the clouds and forget your problems? no wars, no paine, no... worries of any kind.

well Saphir dose. on some days after completing her royal duties she likes to go out to the balcony of her room and watch the clouds go by. forgetting for if only a moment that there were nothing wrong with the world. as well as, if only for a moment, how difficult it is for being a princess and what it means to lead that she learned from her mother.
peaceful night
I kinda had this idea for a few weeks. but never got around to doing it until now. I feel a bit ironic, I think that's the right word, as to what I've heard about on the news recently.

so I thought I might lighten things up bit, if I can, with Saphir enjoying a beautiful night for stargazing without any worries. I mostly drew this because sadly there hasn't been too many nights like this anymore, where you can just look up at the sky and not have to worry about the bad events that had happened.

Saphir (c) me
annoying princess stereotypes...
Saphir: *annoyed sigh* "Ok what is with everyone thinking that being a princess means that you have to be some damsel in distress that does nothing but sing to cute little animals and wait to be saved by a prince from a fire breathing dragon? Not all princesses do these old stereotypes any more, and furthermore, what is the point in waiting for a prince that probably won't appear? I mean we princesses are supposed to be smart so that's really no reason for waiting on a guy you've never met and instead should try saving yourself. I mean fix your skirt up so that it won't be in the way and find a sword to defend yourself its very simple!"
"you know what forget it, I'm out,"
walks out of the room in frustration.


yeah... Saphir's reaction was pretty much what princess bluebelle made me feel after recently seeing that episode of powerpuff girls, and I'm glad I didn't watch anymore after that. the only thing I did like was how she changed for about five minutes after saving the girls from the dragon and her prince finally appeared. I mean dumps him after asking him where he's been durable her time of waiting for him to show up. and then decided to handle things by herself, while still being her stereotypical self. that was the only part I liked in that episode.

anyway; because of that show, I made this in Saphir's thoughts on how bluebelle was like.

Saphir (c) me
princess bluebelle and powerpuf girls (c) cartoon network
good day for reading
well what better things can one do doing during a storm or almost any rainy weather?

well for Saphir's case she would find a book of her choice and read it as the storm goes by. me personally I'd probably be doing the same thing... either that or playing gamea while drinking some hot cider.

hope you enjoy.

Princess Saphir (c) me
Saphir's wind part 2
Yeah... Saphir is having a bit of bad luck with the wind today, don't worry this is the last one.

I pretty much had a reference image when I drew this. I have no idea why I thought about doing these kind of drawings today, I just pretty much had to get them out of the way.

have a nice day.

Princess Saphir (c) me


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