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getting ready for new years
well its new years eve and Saphir is getting herself ready for the new year's party in her kingdom. I thought I might do one more drawing of my OC before the year is out. and Saphir looks pretty as she gets herself ready for the party in celebration of the new year.

and her gown was redone by :iconelfsama: she did a really grate job on her, and I like her work.
reference image here.

Anyway... have happy new year.

Saphir was created by me.
mechanical instinct
Finally I got around to doing this one. I've been putting this one off for a while, but now I finally got this done.

this is pretty much based on one part of :iconladydarkchylde:'s five nights at freddy's arc of her Demention Jumpers seris. apparently the animatronics wanted to test Saur, and who better do they send to do just that than so send the shadows to face him.

you can find :iconladydarkchylde:'s work here.…

Demention Jumpers and the yin/yang key blades belong to :iconladydarkchylde:
five nights at freddys series belong to Scott Cawthon
keyblades weapon belong to square enix
happy holidays!
since my twin sister is doing something nice for me, I figured I'd return the favor by doing the drawing. yes I know that its a week early from Christmas but I had to get this done before I forget.

I thought it be interesting if both our Original characters, :iconicyreflections:'s Taffeta and my character Princess Saphir got together for Christmas.

this is my first time drawing Taffeta so I hope that she came out ok.

Taffeta belongs to :iconicyreflections:
and Princess Saphir is made by me.
Samaragd: Der Lehrling Salbei
Allow me to introduce this young sorceress. Her name is Samaragd. She is a talented german girl who travels from town to town teaching magic to those that she hinds worthy of learning from her. For those that learn magic from her will soon learn that learning magic is very serious when learning spells from her, she takes her teachings very seriously and dose not aprove of slackers.

All that aside she can be a very reliable ally to have in your team. (As long as you don't do anything stupid around her).

Samaragd created by me.


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